Points to Note

  • All information about an animal is required when booking.

    From dietary needs, medication if required, whether the animal is of a nervous disposition or can be aggressive.Or have special needs. If you feel your animal may not like been transported then a vet can perscribe a calming medication.

  • Passport, chip and vaccinations should all be in order.

    Please email copies to us for our records and to check.

  • Paperwork Required

    Your dog or cat would need a valid rabies vaccine, which must be more than 21 days old before the date of transport.
    This does not apply if it is a booster vaccine and runs concurrent from the expiry date.
    The worming must be done by the vet the day before the transport date, this must be timed, dated, stamped and signed by the vet in the passport.
    The declaration form must be printed off, filled in and handed to the driver on the day of transport with the passport.

  • Feral Cats

    Please note: Feral cats must be boarded by the owner.

  • Animal Boarding

    Any animal that you may think could be a problem boarding on to the transport, we request the owner be present to board the animal.

  • Schedule

    Please note we do have a schedule to adhere to and request that animals be ready to travel at the time stated.

  • Delays

    If there are any delays incurred while travelling to collect your animal, then one of our team will call you to amend the pick up time.

  • Delivery Times

    Delivery times may vary due to travel conditions, weather and traffic delays. One of the team will call to advise you of estimated time of delivery.

  • Your Pet's Schedule

    We try to keep to a schedule to avoid the animals being transported for long periods of timeā€¦. The animals are walked every 3 hours along the journey.

  • Taking Care of your Pets

    We take our job very seriously and every care is given to the animals in our care throughout the journey.

  • Testimonials

    If you require references we have many happy clients that would be happy to speak with you to put your mind at rest. Pictures of the interior of the van are available to see. Your animals travel on soft waterproof beds specially designed for us. Bedding is changed on route should an accident occur.

What a truly wonderful service you provide. Great job guys!

L. Moore

We were totally over the moon with this incredible service.

J. Garnder

Just the perfect team!! Thanks a lot for your infinite help.

P. Esteve

We were able to watch Max's journey of around 1400 miles on the live tracker...

L. Abram

Wonderful people , wonderful service, helpful, organised and caring.

J. Lancaster

We will definitely use them again. Thank You Mark & Becky

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