Beverley Farmer Podencos

Today Arizona and Dori will arrive at their new homes. To arrive at their final destination its quite an involved process, not just the transport arrives and we put them in the crates and wave them goodbye and wipe a tear away. Lots of preparation is done advance.Paperwork to be completed, to legally transport a rescue dog into the UK that will have a change of ownership from us to the new owners it is necessary to comply with TRACES regulations and to use a DEFRA registered transporter. This all takes time documents have to be completed, signed and certificated from a government ministry vet.

Health checks at our vets tick & flea treatment and worming, then the pamper session before they leave so they look their best. Lists of instructions for the new owners, adoption contracts issued and signed. Our transporter to the Uk is Becky Sweetman and Mark Sweetman of they always go the extra mile for the dogs … one dog to a crate with padded beds so they are comfortable on the journey water in each crate. When Mark arrives to collect them its never rushed he takes his time to introduce himself to the dogs scan the microchip and checks the passports. Becky is super efficient and is screaming at me for paperwork well in advance of the transport. They are in communication with eagerly awaiting families in the UK and give regular updates on route. I get a message to say our dogs have arrived safe which gives me peace of mind.

They also bring back donated food and items for us at no charge and have also brought us podencos released from the perreras to the finca and wont accept any payment for this service. So many people have their part to play to get these rescues from perrera to sofa somehow it all comes together with the occasional scary moments and last minute change of plans. Mark & Becky are very much part of the team that ensure our Podencos arrived safe to their forever homes great people great friends.