Peggy Finlay

Mark and martin collected my dog berry on the 9/11, even though I gave them some food which they said they didn’t need her feeding bowls, and a sheet she slept on, I couldn’t help but be very worried about her as she was already 10 years old and my husband had just died and he’d been with her until the last month of his life day and night, she wasn’t used to noise, travelling, being on a lead, going for walks, as we live in what is know as the campo in Valencia, In fact she was just used to being let out of the house so she could run in the fields as and when she wanted this was a big change for her. However Mark and Martin looked after her really well, I’d got some sedation pills from the vets for her just in case she got stressed which they said they wouldn’t need, and they didn’t !! when they delivered her to my daughters on the 11/9 at 8am in worcestershire she was bright, and sparkly, they said she’d done wees but no poos, she had drunk water but not eaten which bearing in mind she was a very nervious dog and was having a lot of changes I wasn’t at all surprised by that. However she’s settled into my daughters home with a garden, walks on a lead plus 3 children, so well you’d have thought she’d been there all her life and I’m sure part of that was due to the kindness and care that Mark and Martin showed her during the journey and for this I can never thank them enough. I would highly recommend Mark and Martin.

She’s seemed so happy on arrival in spite of the journey, in fact if I hadn’t seen it for myself I would never have believed how happy she was.