Roger Lines

Hello Becky,

We were very reluctant and apprehensive about sending our young cat to UK via a third party carrier, but from the moment we met Mark and Martin at SCAN collection point we felt confident that Freddy would be more comfortable and safer with them than he would be if we were transporting him ourselves. What lovely service.

Judging by the vehicle and drivers I suspect cleanliness and comfort seems the watchword for CBDH transport.

My daughter Diane is so looking forward to having Freddy for us until we complete our sale – she will be surprised at the good looking vehicle emblazoned with your logo and two helpful and caring drivers – she will doubtless be a bit emotional.

Initially there were two cats for transport. Freddy and Phoebe, but Phoebe, we are sad to say, has gone awol and we live on a minor but very fast rat run and we fear the worst.

I intend to post on facebook on Friday after Freddy arrives in Norfolk.

best wishes